Monday, 27th February, 2017.

Okay so this is something that has been playing on my mind for the last few days.

So there’s this guy, he’s not the type of guy you’re thinking about. This is just some guy.

So I met him (online) ages ago, we met up I think twice in total, the second time we met up he told me he loved me.

That right there was just like…wow…uh…no.

Not to mention this was all while I had my hand and mouth busy…

I’ve never been the relationship type, as in I’ve never even had a proper relationship.

I’m twenty-three going on twenty-four and never had a boyfriend or girlfriend if we’re going to go there.

It’s never been on my radar, never really had the time to want or try to invest in one.

Everytime I’ve come close to someone, they’re either too far, we eventually stop talking or something happens.

Maybe relationships just aren’t meant to be for me? Which is fine, I’m acceptant of that.

But this guy, after that second time meeting up, we stopped talking.

Probably…five or so years later, he started stalking me on Twitter, we’ve been talking, and probably a week into us talking he’s broken up with his girlfriend at the time that he was living with – something I apparently had helped him with.

It’s only been a few weeks since then and he’s talking to me always, complimenting me, I’ve made it clear I don’t want to be a rebound – been there, not doing it again – but he’s still going on…

He has admitted to being clingy, which is whatever, because people are, but I can’t deal with clinginess, I don’t want anything with him.

Ugh, I would rather just be left alone.

I’d rather grow old with my twenty cats, having travelled the world than get into a relationship right now.

When the time comes, the time will come.

For now, I just want to be left alone and focus on my ownself.

Don’t need my heart to be taken and stabbed because someone has moved on or whatever it is.

Maybe I’m a bitch when it comes to guys, or maybe some people just need to learn boundaries.

But I’m over it in the meantime, I’m down for friends; not boyfriends.

Just a little bitchin’ today cause it’s been playing on my nerves and annoying as hell.

And just one of my many pet hates or traits that I find in people.




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