Monday, 20th February, 2017.

A sudden thought had come to me over the last few days, revolving around life and humankind.

Even with humans being the reason for the destruction of this Earth there are some beauties behind it.

When you think about it, the very thing you are holding, wearing, eating, drinking, looking at it or even thinking about it, almost every one of those things are human made. Almost. I use that worse loosely, because you could be thinking about Bora Bora (like I am) and that is not entirely a place that humans have made.

However, the laptop, the phone, even the tablet that you use, someone had created that, whether it be technology that created it in itself, the evolution of humans are the ones to have thought of that and develop these ideas into actual products of their own invention.

Similar to what you wear, even if it does say ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Australia’ or just anywhere in particular, that was all based on someones idea to create clothes, the material? Moulded to suit the type of clothing. Probably the wrong choice of words – but I’m on a roll here.

The same for the dress or pair of shoes that you have been pining after, those were made and created by someone, another human that bleeds the same as you.

The food you eat, not all food is entirely made from humans, however the way in which it is prepared is from the hands of another, that pie you are eating? Put together by another. The chocolate you are craving for? Carved by another.

Life is beautiful when you look at things carefully and put it into perspective, when you stop thinking about all the things that maybe destroying the very land we live on and look at the beauty of it, I see life as a very beautiful thing.

What is even more beautiful is the fact that I am made from two humans, I was created by two humans…just like my siblings are, just like my parents were, just like my neighbour was…and just like you are.

Just a thought for today, what do you think?



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